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The Illusion of Anonymity

January 15, 2016

An invisible presence, moving like water through the air,
Ripples everything as if an invisible wind is blowing.

How many lifetimes have I been a scribe. the record keeper of my life, and the observer.

I always imagined that all the information in the Akashic Records from the beginning to the end of time was written from cover to cover long ago. Now I think maybe only the past has been written, and every day we add to it, setting it into the pages and chapters, lifetimes of days.

I remember being to the Akashic Records once. Two beings came to the foot of my bed in the middle of the night. “Come,” they said, and called me by name. I went with them without hesitation, having the distinct feeling that they had come for me before. There was no thought to question.

In the morning, when I came back, I remembered where I’d been. Recognizing the upper end of the river, I felt back home again. Later I realized that the beings had also taught me to fly.


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