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I Thought I Woke Up

January 14, 2016

The dream –

I wake with the hall outside my bedroom door being filled with elven creatures of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions. They are very much real and alive, floating and rolling around in the air. I sit up and rub my eyes thinking I am dreaming. I watch them a while more and rub my eyes again trying to wake up. I am mesmerized and enchanted. I rub my eyes a third time. Still they remain.

They wear stripes going up and down and across, and all colors of the rainbow. They wear bows and ties and turned up shoes, waistcoats and big buttons that sparkle. There are fat ones and skinny ones, short ones, and tall ones. They are all very happy and smile widely. Each is a definite character and they wear hats of all sorts. There are twenty of them at least. One of them floats to my door and gazes directly at me. Eye contact awakens me and they disappear immediately.

They are amazing characters and they were in my house. I was probably about eight. This magical reality delighted me. It ignited in me an endless curiosity for the world beyond the one I see as real. It was never only a dream. It was a mystery that beckoned and I followed gladly.

Carl Jung said that the very first dream we can recall is somehow a clue to the rest of our life. I see magic every day, not the stuff of evil or hocus pocus, rather that natural touch of the unexplainable in exactly the right place, adding a sparkle to random moments.

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